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Fractions! Fractions! Fractions!

There will be NO homework this week.

Monday: A little more work with long division; introduce fractions – Identify.

Tuesday: Fraction tiles – equivalent fractions, concept of half; Open Response practice: decimals, multiplication (10 points)

Wednesday: Equivalent fractions with manipulatives AND numerically.

Thursday: Equivalent fractions classwork; Division classwork (I will be out for a district training from 12:05-3:30).

Friday: Fractions on a number line

October 22-26, 2012

I have decided to add our Problem Solving problems to my plan for this week.  I will not add them until the end of each day.  The kids really enjoy these challenging problems.  They are forced to THINK and BE problem solvers! I call this intense brain exercise. Parents: I encourage you to solve them, too!

This week we are continuing on with multi-digit multiplication and moving into division with one and two-digit divisors.  SCARY! :o)

Monday: Homework #1-Patterns and Multiplication – due THURSDAY. In class grade (20 points) 2 digit x 2 digit and 3 digit x 2 digit multiplication.  Introduction to long division with steps.

Problem Solving: There were 3 times as many boys as girls in a museum.  After 75 boys left, there were 2 times as many girls as boys.  If 90 children remained, how many children were in the museum at first?

Tuesday: Order of Operations warm-up. Sage and Scribe activity with 3 digit x 2 digit multiplication partner activity.  In class grade (35 points) multi-digit multiplication.  Division practice.

Problem Solving: Jessie and Ann each bought the same laptop.  In addition, Jessie bought a flash drive and Ann bought an infrared mouse.  The flash drive cost $60.  Find the cost of the mouse if Ann spent $1810 and Jessie spent $1840.

Wednesday: Decimal Place Value warm-up (30 points). Division practice with white boards (Show Me).

Problem Solving: Jim had $190 and Dawn had $60.  After each of them received an equal amount of money from their father, Jim had twice as much money as Dawn.  How much did their father give each of them?

Thursday: Homework #1 DUE. Independent practice with division. Factor classwork (35 points).


Short Week

Parent Conferences this week on Tuesday and Thursday.  Early dismissal at 2:30 those days.

Tuesday-Thursday we will work on double-digit multiplication with hopes of being ready for a fun tournament on Thursday.

Have a nice long weekend!


A rainy start to the week won’t dampen these spirits!  We are soaring along smoothly with math this year.


Monday: Students determine FACTORS of numbers using the rules of divisibility.  Also…adding a zero to a number makes it 10 times bigger :o)  Read aloud: Can You Count To A Googol?

Tuesday: Continue with FACTORS.  Classwork assignment with the RULES OF DIVISIBILITY.

Wednesday: Continue with FACTORS and work toward MULTIPLES.

Thursday: Solving EQUATIONS.

Friday: Solving EQUATIONS.

September 27 – Parents Make a Difference Night (5:30 – 7:30)

October 3 – PTO meeting at CMSS (9:00am)

October 5 – 2:00 dismissal (Homecoming parade begins at 3:30)

October 16 & 18 – Student Led Conferences

October 19 – No school

October 26 – Frontier Festival


Monday: Order of Operations – identify brackets and braces; Journal: Invent a new shape or symbol and tell how it is used in math.

Tuesday: Get Homework #3 – Due Friday.  Expressions: Student will translate expressions from words to symbols or symbols to words WITHOUT solving the problem. (Expressions are like phrases; Equations are like sentences)

Wednesday: Continue with Expressions

Thursday: Expressions Classwork for a grade; Begin Factors

Friday: Homework #3 Due; Factors

September 4-7, 2012

All lessons are subject to change.

Tuesday – Division Open Response: Students will show division without using the standard algorithm.  Finalize Pizzeria project.

Wednesday – Get Homework #2 (due Friday); Order of Operations

Thursday – Order of Operations; Properties & Place Value Review

FridayProperties and Place Value Quiz; HW #2 DUE; Order of Operations

First week of school

This week  we have been getting to know one another.  I am trying to communicate that math will be different for the students (and me) this year.  We have 100 minute classes!  The time each child has in math and literacy each week has doubled, so I hope the learning will increase as well.

Wednesday: Addition and Subtraction – up to 5-digit numbers.  Journal entry: I ______ math because __________________.  Then students wrote about a good or bad experience they have had with math.  Students learned the Kagan structure: Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up and the Brain Break: How Many?  You can play this at home with your child at any time!

Thursday: Addition and Subtraction – with a focus on subtraction and regroupingKagan Structure: Find Someone Who.  Students will have 40 minutes to complete a classwork assignment (15 addition and subtraction problems).

Friday: Word Problems – Problem Solving and Showing Work.  Journal Entry.


I am excited about this school year!  I will be posting updates and lesson objectives here weekly.  I will also post important dates, announcements, and reminders on this site.  Please check it often and let me know if there is anything else you would like to see.